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The evolution of modern democracies in post war era, more so especially in late 90’s have continuously negotiated the governance frameworks in continuous dialogue with the needs and requirements of citizens. The institutional structures under the welfare state model — as modern democracies continues to evolve — strives to align themselves to notions of Rational, Effective and Quick response to the needs of its citizens as fundamental to governance, more so in case of vulnerable and marginalized sections of society. The needs and requirements of women has often underlined the political discourse since the onset of third wave of feminism and witnessed positive fundamental shift in the discourse of political establishment across time and space. The enlightened and active civil societies, fundamental to accountability frameworks in democracies have often inspired political establishments to transform populist electoral measures on gender equality to more central policy and legislative shift/formulations, thereby further strengthening the scope of executive and judiciary in responding to the needs of its citizens,

especially women. The role of enlightened civil society, especially in drawing attention to key issues affecting citizens, is therefore central to strengthening democracies.

Against the above context, Gender Alliance has been ardently attempting to re-define the positive role of civil societies within the democratic institutional framework in mainstreaming the gender discourse, and strengthening democracy in-turn. Gender Alliance,in camaraderie with government have been negotiating the political gender discourse in Bihar towards a more pragmatic approach with alternative yet independent and frank opinions.

Gender Alliance Trust is a registered legal entity that has grown from a project to an organization in very short period of time. From its inception as a project in 2017 with the aim of advancing the rights of adolescent girls in Bihar and advocate for policy actions, Gender Alliance was instrumental in bringing about many progressive changes and policy and programmatic actions n child marriage and dowry. The organization has earned enormous credibility amongst high government and political circle in mainstreaming and/or transforming existing gender discourse with more subtle and complex nuances on gender through scientific evidences, and have gripped the attention of national and International Media in mainstreaming the issues of adolescent girls empowerment in Bihar. The decision of Bihar government to progressively address the issues of adolescent girls, including child marriage and dowry is primarily ascribed to the sustained and scientific advocacy undertaken by Gender Alliance. Gender Alliance’s Bandhan Tod strategy having a purposely crafted mobile application and a unique compendium with estimations of child marriage at sub-district is helping government in taking the issue of child marriage and dowry at the grass root level and has successfully expanded its intervention on elimination and prevention of Sexual assaults and Sexual harassment through Chuppi Tod (Break Your Silence) strategy, receiving appreciation and acknowledgement at many countries .

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