Our Approach

Evidence Generation and Strengthening Data

Strengthening the way in which evidence is gathered, synthesized, analysed, interpreted and used in formulating policies and interventions... is critical in addressing any developmental issue. In this context generating evidence for action through extensive research, evaluation and data analysis has been a core focus of the organisation, which in-turn has sought to provide the basis for informed policy making, framework and strategy to address developmental issues pertaining to the rights of young and adolescent girls, in Bihar.
In 2017 Gender Alliance came up with a unique compendium entitled, “Indexing Gender Parity and Estimation of Child Marriage across 534 Blocks of Bihar” based on the census 2011. The compendium, covered widely by the national press was an instant hit and continues to be cited for its uniqueness to estimate child marriage data at sub-district (level), a gap that till date remains unaddressed in national surveys. Gender Alliance adopted a modified methodology of World Economic Forum and presented quantitative linkages between different aspects of girl’s empowerment (Condition/position) and child marriage.

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Building on Existing Policies/Evidence Generation and Data to Guide the development of Action Plans

Building on evidence generation, policy analysis the... organisation has sought to develop comprehensive Action plan to strengthen governance and influence and promote the inter and intra sectoral and departmental convergence, to contribute to reducing inequalities, Improve access, eliminate violation of rights and to improve the life and well-being of young and adolescent girls.
Successful implementation and impactful outcomes necessitate not mere deliberation of effective and strategic implementation of the intended plan but also the revisiting, reinforcement and reforms of the policies, schemes and legislation and thereupon developing focussed and contextualised action plan and its implementation. This also calls not only state level but also district level action plan and strategy, drawing on the intensity of the issues and its underlying causes. In 2017 Gender Alliance developed an action plan/ strategy to end child marriage fostering social and economic transformation and growth. The action plan provided an in-depth overview and strategy outlining a comprehensive, coherent, and sustained programme of activity, ensuring a multi-sectoral collaboration, building sustainable partnership, with responsible engagement of key actors from all the key sectors/departments including that of education, child and social protection, legal, youth, livelihood and health.

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Strengthening Governance for addressing issues of Women and Adolescent Girls

Gender Alliance has been ardently attempting to re-define governance... within the democratic institutional framework to mainstreaming the gender discourse, and strengthening democracy in-turn. The Organisation has endeavoured to provide Rational, Effective and Quick mechanisms to address issues of adolescent Girls and women including Child Marriage, Dowry, Sexual Assault, reproductive health and Violence against Women by empowering young girls and women to themselves seek quick, preventive and confidential services to seek help and report such cases and seek immediate redressal and prevention.

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Enabling Policy Response through Sustained Advocacy

Eliminating child marriage, sexual abuse, violence or addressing sexual and reproductive health of young girls and women is... centripetal to empowerment of adolescent girls and demands a coherence and connection between different policies, to bring effective convergence of actions, accountabilities and systems. It further requires a policy framework with an action plan, budgetary allocation and SMART indicators (specific, measurable, acceptable, relevant and time bound).Evidences from Global Policy Framework suggests that formulated policies are most effective when they are aligned with the broad mandate of the ruling government, which in the case of Bihar is economic growth and development.
The issue of Child marriage and Dowry, in the policy framework in Bihar, currently lies somewhere between the State Policy for Child (Draft) and Women Empowerment Policy (2015) and very negligible movement on the Bihar adolescent and youth policy. While issue of under18 marriage for girls, or sexual assaults is undeniably one of child protection, its gender aspect for girls cannot also be overlooked.
Gender Alliance in this contexts, through sustained advocacy has been and seeks to not only review policy frameworks citing existing gaps but also formalise ways to strengthen the entire policy architecture towards empowerment of adolescent and young girls thus bringing in concentrated focus on adolescent/young girls. Further, through policy analysis of the existing policies and the efficiencies of existing legislation on women and young girls the organisation has been instrumental in mainstreaming the issues of adolescent rights in the development discourse of the state of Bihar. This also entailed advocacy on inclusion of Adolescent/young people empowerment and impact on economy. The organisation has been attempting to advocate and push with the government the need to transform the existing demographic transition of Bihar into a demographic Dividend and bring organic linkages between demography and economy, with a focus on young girl.

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Consolidating Programmatic Response issues of adolescent and Young Girls through Bandhan Tod

Gender Alliance has been seeking to improve and strengthen response... mechanisms on the issues affecting the life, dignity and rights of adolescent girls and women .The Organisation has initiated effective response mechanism on ending Child marriage, dowry, sexual assault and sexual harassment through the use of Technological tools like mobile application ‘Bandhan Tod’. The SoS feature of the application equips and allows the user to raise alert in time of distress and Gender Alliance, in coordination with various concerned government departments, CSO respond to those alerts and the legal implementation through the police, thereby taking forward the notions of quick, rational and effective response mechanisms and ensuring a Consolidated Programmatic Response.

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Policy Advocacy on Gender Equality & Generating Public Opinions

Policy and political dialogue has always been an essential element to explore and implement policies focussing on equitable and... inclusive growth, including advocacy on gender equality and enabling a cross-section of stakeholders to engage in policymaking to achieve such goals. The organisation has been ardently advocating for policy and legislative changes, implementation and generating public as well as political opinions on such issues. Such dialogues amongst the policy makers, the government, community, women and the youth have sought to influence development outcomes towards achieving gender equality and women’s and adolescent rights and mainstreamed their issues in the development discourse of the state.

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Promoting Government-Citizen Partnership by negotiating the political gender discourse

Gender Alliance has seeks to uphold the principles of co-creating, shared... responsibility and accountability by engaging in a range of meaningful partnerships that ensure implementation of rigorous, dynamic and concerted efforts to promote gender equality and empowerment of young and adolescent girls. The organization by building such partnerships envisages a unified effort of the Government, the development partners, the community and civic society members, families, adolescent boys and girls, educational systems and the media towards operational implementation. Such sector-wide and multi-sector approach to partnerships has not only complimented the efforts of the government, but also magnified the efforts in achieving the goal reducing harmful practices like child marriage and improving governance and response mechanisms.

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