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With the intent to complement the efforts of the government to end child marriage and Dowry in Bihar, Gender Alliance initiated a pan state program ‘Bandhan Tod’ with the vision to eradicate child marriage and dowry in Bihar by improving governance and strengthening response mechanisms to respond to the needs of the young and vulnerable girls.


The program through the following strategies seeks to eradicate harmful practices like child marriage and dowry:

Improving and strengthening response mechanisms through Bandhan Tod Mobile Application

The program focuses on reaching out to the community through technological tools and mobile application to educate young girls and women on issues of Child Marriage, and dowry, its causes and impact and the laws, legislations, through engaging videos and animations. The SoS feature of the application allows the community to raise an instant alert in case of any distress, counselling and help, referral or redressal. Where needed the organisation also immediately reaches out to the legal system and the police to redress and stop such Child marriages or the violation of the rights of the girls or women.

Creates peer networks of adolescent girls and making Change Agents

Through the program Gender Alliance has also been endeavouring to create peer support network for adolescent girls and nurturing them as influencers. These peer networks works extremely effectively in addressing child marriage and other social problems in the villages.

Create support systems in hard to reach areas, by preparing and training a cadre of Front Line workers

Gender Alliance reaches out to on Front Line Worker and the members of the gram pnachayat to create a support system to prevent child marriage and dowry at the grass-root level. The Front Line Worker can be ANM/ASHA or even a member of Gram Panchayat.

Capacitating Nodal Officers from the Police

The police are also part of the society which practices child marriage and often do not consider child marriages as serious crimes. In other cases, the police officials are not fully conversant with the act themselves. Gender Alliance will works closely with the Police through their training and capacity building.

Intensive Campaigns

Gender Alliance involving the youth and adolescents at the district level to unleash and implement focussed advocacy campaign to educate people on child marriage, incentivise Change agents and work with school and colleges to address and prevent all potential child marriages.

Block Level estimates of child marriage and action plan

Despite having plethora of resources and data evidences on estimation of child marriage, the estimation at the block level is completely estimation for Block levels. The lowest unit for which data is available on child marriage is district level, which at best is the aggregation and an average of the block levels ,however it is equally important to pinpoint the estimation of child marriage at the Block level to see which block figures worst and which block performs well.The earlier attempt by Gender Alliance to present the block level estimates of child marriage for all 534 Blocks was highly appreciated by policy makers and was internationally quoted as an innovation in data research.

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Chuppi Tod

The 'Chuppi Tod' program of Gender Alliance aims to move & transform the governance and institutional systems more accountable and responsive to the rights of women and young girls. It seeks to reach out to millions of women/young girls in the country to report, share, narrate their ordeal of sexual assault and harassment , thereby creating a huge demand for gender


responsive and sensitive governance as well as for rational, quick and effective solutions through policy making, legislations and service delivery through capacitated , informed and sensitive executive. The program through the use of innovative technology seeks to reach out to millions of women and young girls, informed and scientific advocacy for policy and legislative strengthening/shift/formulation as well as tools to support women as well as executive to address their needs and cater to the demands easily and quickly. The organisation, through this programs has been ardently rallying to end immunity and impunity for sex abuse and sexual assault globally.


Million of young women who have faced or are at the risk of facing sexual harassment and child marriage needs a safe, user friendly, and confidential quick help to their concerns. The program provides platform where, women and young girls can not only share their experiences but also can generate a positive discourse. ‘Chuppi Tod’ enables the community to connect with each other, share their experiences and learn from their experiences and enables a culture of solidarity motivating to break the culture of silence

One Support Click

Through the use of Technology, equipped with SOS feature, the program provides one click support to women and girls in distress and to the victims and survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment or in need of immediate support/counselling/action. Gender Alliance through this program immediately acts as immediate first responder, and follows up with authorities subsequently, to end sexual assaults and harassment against girls and women.


The program through educational and awareness modules and tools is an effective tool that helps women/young girls to understand the problem, know where and what to report and help in how to report it effectively. Simultaneously, it also seeks to capacitate executive to ensure full and correct legislative compliances.

Capacitating the Police

The police officials are not fully conversant with the law themselves. Gender Alliance works closely with the Police through their training and capacity building, to capitates the police in handling such cases with sensitivity.

Engaging the youth through intensive campaigns

Gender Alliance involving the youth and adolescents at the district level seeks to unleash and implement focussed advocacy campaign to educate community on sexual assaults and harassment, creating nurturing and incentivise change agents and work with school and colleges to address and prevent sexual assault and harassment.

Community Journalists

There is an emerging need to create enabling environment and opportunities for young girls to acquire Employable Skills. The program seeks to nurturing & promoting a cadre of Village correspondents by training and honing their skills on Video and content production on rural social issues affecting the lives of young, adolescent girls and women. The program also seeks to create skilled workforce of rural young girls on digital media journalism and Generate employment on digital media and entertainment for young adolescent girls from the community. Besides the program also focuses mainstream the development issues being shadowed by the corporate media and bring the issues pressingly among the policy makers and the government to respond and act to it responsively.

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WE Matter

We Matter an initiative of Gender Alliance endeavors to mainstream the marginalized, create 'people' centric discourse of governance, highlight citizen's issues and voices of the people, by empowering young, adolescent girls from the vulnerable and the marginalized communities as citizen and community journalist. The program aims to bring to the fore the issues that concerns the people, its impact on the people and consequences for democracy.


It seeks to create a peoples centric discourse on people sufferings, issues and plights to mainstream them in governance, establishing governance accountability for people and in turn strengthening democracy. The Global Democracy Index by Economist Intelligence Unit of UK has characterized India for 2018 as Flawed Democracy implying a nation with significant flaws in Democratic Functioning. The Global Press Freedom Index in 2019 ranked India at 140 out of 180 countries, which is only slightly better than Pakistan. Our Democracy, thus has to be strengthened, people's issues have to be mainstreamed in governance, power has to rest with people-----power of not only to decide but also to govern. Media and Press as the fourth pillar of democracy has been significant failing in strengthening the democracy today and is overwhelmingly ignorant of citizen's plight, and fearful of raising questions.

Through We matter we seek to not only mainstream the developmental issues and the people’s issues pressingly and make institutions responsive and accountable to the needs and issues of the people of the country , in particular the disadvantaged, vulnerable and the marginalized. The program also creates an enabling environment and opportunities for young girls and women from the disadvantaged and the marginalized communities to acquire employable skills generate employment and entrepreneurship and break gendered stereotypes.

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