What We Do

Gender Alliance been endeavoring to promote Gender Equality and initiate discourse on key policies/legislation that potentially restricts equal opportunities for young girls and thus mar the growth story of the country. With the focus to transform populist electoral measures on gender equality to more central policy and legislative shift/formulations, thereby further strengthening the scope of executive and judiciary in responding to the needs of its citizens, especially women, the Trust aims to promote gender equality build on an equitable and just society, by providing quick, rational, effective mechanisms to address the needs of the vulnerable and increase their leadership and participation, particularly women and young girls and thus strengthen democracies.

The organization seeks to eradicate all harmful practices against young and adolescent girls including:

  • Child Marriage and Early Marriage
  • Sexual abuse and harassment
  • Violence
  • Reproductive rights violation
  • Improve Access to Quality Education
  • Improve Access to sexual and Reproductive
    Health and Choices
  • Improve Employable Skills
  • Initiate a cadre of community journalist
    through young girls

With the already established multiple partnerships at national and international level the organization will continue to append more partner base and aspire to diversify its work into research and evidence generation.

How you can help us

Just call at +91 7091284428 to make a donation