Our Impact

With its mandate to strengthen, improve and create the governance system which are responsive to the needs of the vulnerable and the marginalised communities including adolescent girls and women , Gender Alliance has been successful in enabling Rational, Effective and Quick response to the needs of women and adolescent girls and improving and strengthening response mechanisms on the issues affecting the life, dignity and rights of adolescent girls and women .The Organisation has initiated effective response mechanism on Child marriage, dowry, sexual assault and sexual harassment, thus providing effective prevention and redressal mechanisms and its elimination. Gender Alliance was instrumental in bringing about many progressive changes and policy and programmatic actions on child marriage and dowry. The organization through sustained advocacy on the rights of young and adolescent girls has been has been successful in creating enabling Policy Response towards their needs. Through policy analysis of the existing policies and the efficiencies of existing legislation on women and young girls the organisation has been instrumental in mainstreaming the issues of adolescent rights in the development discourse of the state of Bihar. This also entailed advocacy on inclusion of Adolescent/young people empowerment and impact on economy.

Earning enormous credibility amongst high government and political circle in mainstreaming and/or transforming existing gender discourse with more subtle and complex nuances on gender through scientific evidences, the work and impact of Gender Alliance has gripped the attention of national and International Media in mainstreaming the issues of adolescent girls empowerment in Bihar.

With its Immense work on data and evidence generation, the organization was successful in convening all stakeholders to rally for empowerment of adolescent girls. Major success was achieved when Gender Alliance convened Lawmakers across all parties to come on one platform to discuss the need for gender Equality . Where the Organization presented evidences on how Bihar was loosing on its economic and social potential by lack of policies o Child Marriage and Dowry and weak implementation of the law. The decision of Bihar government to progressively address the issues of adolescent girls, including child marriage and dowry is primarily ascribed to the sustained and scientific advocacy undertaken by Gender Alliance.

Further the organisation was successfully indexed Gender Parity for all 534 Blocks in Bihar and estimated the prevelance and probability of child Marriage cross all block in Bihar.

Over two hundred girls from were saved from child and forced marriages from Bihar .It also provided socio and legal support to victims of Domestic Violence and sexual assault to get justice. The first FIR Iin Bihar on Child Marriage since 2014 , in a state with 40% child marriage was registered by Gender Alliance